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Attitude – The Ripple Effect in an organization!

Attitude at work place acts as a ripple effect in an organization. You might think, Business is Business, no emotions should be tied to it, it’s all mind and no heart should be involved. But we are all human begins. From working pattern to thinking and communicating with the team, everything requires emotions. Not all

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Going over and beyond your Job Description:

« This is not in my job description, I don’t think I will be do this task » « My job description needs to be changed if I have to that particular task » « I was hired for something and I am doing something else » « My employers are just using me to do different tasks that are not in

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Building Trust and credibility at work.

Imagine you work on something for the company, something for the team to do extremely well and get productive. Clearly you will be working with ‘good intentions’, but when it comes to presenting it to your peers, they hesitantly make eye contact and suggest something, or don’t suggest anything and keep quite or not hear

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