The true human capital for your Tribe

Nuagem is a forward-thinking recruitment firm. Our success stems from our proximity to our customers. We listen and focus on understanding them, their goals, their dreams and that’s how we’re able to provide them with the attention that they deserve. Our business processes are time efficient because we are in sync with technology which in turn gives us an edge over the competition. Our methodology is simple: Automate all repetitive operations that do not require human intervention to accelerate the acquisition of information relevant to the candidate. Qualify and inform each candidate through a guided interview and present the best prospects available on the market for a position to our clients.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best talent to our clients using our exponential technology, with our passionate team.

Our Vision

Nuagem aims to be the pioneer in the recruitment service industry by maintaining balance between technology and humans, creating effective and efficient process for its client and candidate.

Values and Ethics

Nuagem is built with 4 strong pillars of values: Excellence, Responsible, Passion and celebrating Diversity.

Ethics: For the team at Nuagem integrity and accountability are paramount and we practice this as code of conduct to dream and take us forward.