Going over and beyond your Job Description:

« This is not in my job description, I don’t think I will be do this task » « My job description needs to be changed if I have to that particular task » « I was hired for something and I am doing something else » « My employers are just using me to do different tasks that are not in my job description » « I came here to learn something and not to do that same job which I did previously »

These are the few things which I hear from some of my friends, college batch mates and family members.

A lot of times, we as employees think that we are bounded to job description and stick to it. But one does not know or rather is ignorant to know that, if the employee goes over and beyond job description, he/she has better edge in the future. Employees tend to do only that amount of job, because of two reason – Monetary benefits or not keen to do different tasks as they think it does not help them in anyway.

For us to grow in our career and to see ourselves in associate and executive positions one day, we should making our hands dirty by working in all the domain possible. One should not forget that it’s only in early stages of our career we have nothing to lose and we can take risks. Some of the most important things which says you are going over and beyond your job description are:

 1. Being Proactive: Whatever task given, do it. Show that you have caliber to do extremely well with whatever task is given or with whatever task you take in your hand. Do not see if it’s in your job description or not.

2. By going over and beyond to help the people around you: Squeezing in time and energy for someone is always a great feeling. Helping the other team members shows that, you are a team player and you are extremely interested to uplift the team’s knowledge and bring in good results.

3. By not measuring your worth with money but measuring your worth by the value you bring to the job assigned and the organization on large scale: You might get some tasks which do not define your role and job description. It is always good to do those tasks and complete it with confidence as your efforts do not go unnoticed and it gives the organization a sense of credibility towards you and your work.

4. Being a professional sociable person: Knowing your team; from where they come, their likes and dislikes does not harm but builds each other to work together. When a lot of them are chatting on something, you working does not make you hard working person but makes you not interested in other things. Network, share the knowledge what you have.

5. Being a Continuous learner: Learning makes you feel youngerJ. Do not hesitate to do that certifications, learn new techniques, strategy. If you are a HR and if you think you would be interested in marketing or Vice versa, just go out there and do the learning, because what you learn now will definitely be useful in the years to come.

Going over and beyond your job description is painful in the beginning but if you look it 5 -10 years later, you will know it was all worth it! And then, you can price your knowledge and experience.

Anagha Mokhasi

Nuagem Inc  


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