Charles Boulos – 514 769 8303

– Mature leader – Active retiree – Gym & Swimming adept

– Experience in Retail Sales, Corporate Sales & Business Development

– Multilingual effective communication and business writing skills:
Full proficiency in English & French (both spoken & written): ‘Mother tongues’

+ Italian, Spanish, Greek & Arabic (Egyptian)

– Strong business acumen / systems thinking skills

-Very familiar with Windows environment & MS Office proficient

– Strongly committed to continuous learning

– Quick study

– Adaptable, resilient to change

– Well-travelled: (USA, Europe, Mexico, North Africa, South-East Asia)

– Recognized for bringing successful and innovative approach in adult learning
(Co-founder and developer Groupe Metafor International –

– Proven track record in developing and delivering learning programs, and impacting
leadership efficiency

– Experienced training & development leadership program delivery
Senior level facilitator (25 years)

– Deep passion for development of collaborative business environments while very      comfortable working solo as well

– Good organizational and time management skills (Former Priority

Management/Gestion par Priorités Franchisee – see CV)

Thanking you in advance for a face-to-face interview!

Yours truly,

Charles Boulos