Diversity and Inclusion

If you want to walk fast, you walk alone; if you want to walk far, you walk together – Ratan Tata

In the era of tap and click, the world is getting smaller and easy to access to a lot of people. People know the GDPs of the country and other benefits if they move to different country to get a better life for themselves and the next generation.

Canada is one of the countries which welcomes immigrants across the globe, experience huge number of immigrants on a daily basis. These immigrants once they enter tend to start looking for the job and often get rejected for a lot of reasons like, they do not have education from a Canadian university, they do not hold a North American experience, or they do not have a valid work status. Although the last one mentioned makes sense, the first two sometimes can be ruled out if the job seekers come with the right attitude, experience, and talent to showcase to the companies.

Companies like Nuagem and others have understood the diversity and inclusion can be always good and act as economic growth to the company. With diversity and inclusion, one not only gives an opportunity for job seekers to grow, but it also brings creativity and innovation in the workplace. There is a sense of ownership in a business with people who come from different ethnicity. More than anything, it helps massively in defining the culture of the company.

Diversity and inclusion of all kind of people in the company projects that the company is open-minded, daring, courageous, magnanimous and treats every individual equally. This culture-oriented company help the employees believe and practice that we are all one.

It is fair to say that people are supposed to be identified for the job they do and the talent they possess and not on the basis of the skin and race they have. Equity is always appreciated not only on the monetary benefits given to the people at work but also for the very fact that they are people like you and me. 


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