Building Trust and credibility at work.

Imagine you work on something for the company, something for the team to do extremely well and get productive. Clearly you will be working with ‘good intentions’, but when it comes to presenting it to your peers, they hesitantly make eye contact and suggest something, or don’t suggest anything and keep quite or not hear you, talk before you complete your talk or judge your suggestion and keep quiet.

This happens normally when people at work have less trust and credibility towards each other.

Employees who trust each other normally have a strong sense of belonging in the company, they lift each other up and they think that it’s a win for the team every day. They are not always in “I” they are always in “WE”.

Trusting Yourself:

No happiness and trust is built by others for you.  You got to work on that. You need to build trust from within. You as an individual need to trust your work, accept when you do any error, correct it and come back with better strategy to do well. How to do this? You simply got to believe in yourself! If this is achieved, you have won half of the battle.

Coming to building trust among peers and colleagues. This is challenging. When I say challenging. It is so challenging that, if there is no trust among peers and colleagues, the individual end up quitting.

Trust can be sorted in 2 ways:

Your WORK TRUST: This trust is achievable when the supervisor see your work, when you walk the talk, when you are punctual at delivering things and you go above and beyond to help others. This kind of trust can be achieved by working with the same individual for few months or years.

Your EQ TRUST: Sometimes, you end up connecting to people as quickly as blink of an eye. You end up trusting them on a whole new level. When employees in organization reach this level of trust, companies grow to a whole new level. This is called ‘organizational commitment and trust’ in HR terms. Sometimes this happens instantly, sometimes it takes years and sometimes it takes forever.  

Now one might wonder how to build trust and credibility I would say:

  1. Be truthful in all your actions
  2. When there is your fault, accept it!
  3. When it is not your fault and teams, accept it – It won’t harm you, instead it showcases your leadership skills.
  4. Do not blame others.
  5. Give others chance to talk.
  6. Listen extremely well.
  7. Have a heart in everything you do.
  8. Always do not be ignorant, do something beyond your job description.

Sometimes even if you do all this, the person on the other end might not trust you and your work. It has nothing to do with you! Smile and move on!! You will go places if you have done all that you had to do to build trust.


Author: Anagha Mokhasi