Be the better you each day at work!

Who am I? What is my purpose of being on this earth? How do I grow in my career? These are few questions what modern person thinks about. The answers for these questions are unfolded by some in their teen age and for some it takes more than 30-35years.

There are some who never discover the answers for these questions forever.
Often, we try to impress people in order to be liked and in order to get that DREAM job.

To impress people, we sometimes tend to change ourselves. This is a huge problem in modern world, as sooner or later people learn the real us.

Once people learn the real us, it could hamper the career growth and sometimes people may not build relationship with us.
Discovering yourself and getting better each day need not be as strenuous and abstract as it sounds to be.

There are 5 amazing things you could do to discover yourself and be the better version of yourself:


What you feed your mind, it is seen in your actions and behaviour. The more you think nice and positive things about you, the more you tend to feel good about yourself and eventually affects your work environment. Thinking and speaking nice things not only help the work environment, it also helps you think creative and perform better at your work.

It takes 10mins of your day. This meditation helps you understand what kind of person you are. Are you altruistic, emotional, practical, daring, adventurous? Each day for 10 minutes, close your eyes and think what makes you happy. Is it helping others, is it making money, is it sitting in a big office with big job title. This helps you understand what you are as a person. There is no good or bad for the person you are and the sooner you understand that, the faster you get better each day

I strongly believe, what you are today and where you are today is the choices and decisions you took yesterday. What you do today, affects your future. If you look back to your past and you see the struggle, be proud of it, as you survived that struggle and not feel victimised. Your struggle makes you stronger each day. Always understand that, the job you do today will take you further to something big in life. Like in the movie Kung Fu Panda: Master Oogway says “Past is history, future is mystery, Today is a gift, that’s why it is called ‘present’!” To get better each day, you should understand what you are today, where you stand professionally today, what skills you need to learn today to make your today better.

Each of us have different time zones of success and failure. Always understand, you have a different journey, you come from different time zone. If you compare yourself with others, you are not only feeding in negative thoughts, but you are also thinking that you are not good enough. Comparing yourself to others will take in lot of energy from you and make you perform lesser than expected.

Surrounding yourself with toxic people who talk about others more than new ideas can hamper your growth of getting better each day. Surround yourself with good people. Good people are those, who motivate you, mentor you, train you to know more things, help you think different, give you freedom to do work in your way, who wants best and nothing but best for you, who help you to stand tall, who so not judge you for what you are.

With all the above things mentioned, you got to walk the talk! Integrity is everything. You got to stay true to yourself. Every time you say, you do things and you do it, you feel extremely confident to do better.


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